Richmond, VA


The Equinox Luxury Golf Resort and Spa

Equinox Resort Renovation Combines History with Luxurious Modern Amenities

Known in various times as the Marsh Tavern, Thaddeus Munson’s New Inn, Widow Black’s Inn, Vanderlip’s Hotel, The Taconic, The Orvis Hotel, and Equinox House, The Equinox Golf Resort and Spa today stands as a symbol of the history and lifestyle of New England over the past two centuries. Dating back to 1769, it was at the Marsh Tavern that the local Council of Safety held its first meetings and that Ethan Allen’s younger brother, Ira Allen, proposed confiscating the property of Tories to raise money to equip a regiment of the “Green Mountain Boys” during the American Revolution.

As the Architect of Record, Baskervill updated the 140 guest rooms and public spaces for The Equinox Golf Resort and Spa. The revitalization of this stunning property pays homage to the past, while bringing sophisticated modern touches that make guests feel right at home. The finished results give guests the world-class luxury and service that The Equinox is renowned for in an updated setting.

Recently, Baskervill was also chosen to re-design the Colonnade Room, The Equinox’s premier ballroom and dining area. Our vision for the Colonnade Room includes brightening and lifting the space with light walls, moldings and window treatments, an elegant carpet pattern, and simplified lighting and ceiling details. Baskervill's intent is to incorporate the luxurious nature of The Equinox brand, while updating its appeal in today’s world of high standards.

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Status: Built
Location: Manchester Village, VT