Architetto Giorgio S. Bagnasco

Architetto Giorgio S. Bagnasco

Genova, IT



A company as TMG is (Tonissi General Engineering) that deals with the powerful marine engines that drives large motor yachts, tourist boats and patrol boats needs a home that provides its technicians to work in the best possible way, without hindrance, in rational spaces, comfortable but simple. 

Work environments are characterized by large and bright colors. 
Dining room with kitchen on the ground floor. 
Toilet, dining and print services at each floor. 
Terrace in affordable coverage. 

Plants to provide warm and cold internal climate are under resin floors. 
VMC systems dedicated to the meeting rooms. 
Electrical systems and data dropped from the ceiling on tables specifically designed to make the job easier. 
Corian counter tops robust and easy to clean, so large to accommodate the working groups. 

No electitcal towers on the floor, a few wall outlets to minimize the impact on the stone walls. 
Lamps dedicated with direct and indirect light (3000K) to ensure maximum comfort and reduce light phenomena glare. 

Lighting system of corridors, stairs led low consumption. 
Safety perpetually led lamps (2 watt each). 

Central production of energy by an heat pump high efficiency, system.
Heavily insulated building to contribute to the minimization of fuel consumption.

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Status: Built
Location: Genova, IT
Firm Role: Project and works directions
Additional Credits: Safety - Anna Vercelli