Architetto Giorgio S. Bagnasco

Architetto Giorgio S. Bagnasco

Genova, IT



To optimize the crop grown on vertical farm in NYC think we have to use all the elements that surround us, earth, air, sun and water.
If the surface area available for the land is limited, the sun and the air are independent then we can play with water.

With the water that comes from heaven and we try not to waste and accumulate, but also with that which comes from below, from the foot of the river.

For this reason we call “THE MANGROVIA” our building that uses all possible techniques to feed and return the maximum production of green.

The building consists of a double pedestal base and 12 floors.
In the basement are the atria access, shops, exhibition halls, and some services.
In the mezzanine, there are the administrative offices, a small gym, storage areas and laboratories.
On the roof there is a system of community gardens and a path of outdoor sports.

The staircase is made of ramps passable slowly surrounded by hydroponics.
This system is, basically, a common laboratory and at the same time a place to meet, discuss and display the results.
For fast motion using the four central elevators, two of which are dedicated to the movement of goods and equipment.
The 12 floors are characterized by the same type of organization: 4 main apartments each featuring a large terrace which is used as a private garden.

Two apartments, which we consider advanced type, but they have a small balcony overlooking the atrium where common experience hydroponics.
Finally a laboratory room floor where developing crops of all kinds.

The stained glass windows, large double room with air, are enriched with photovoltaic cells.
Part of the energy needed for the production of hot water and heating is produced with a depth of geothermal systems.
For hydroponic are provided for specific lamps that are powered by a small cogeneration system that integrates the photovoltaic system and produces, at the same time a good amount of hot water.
In the summer time, through a system of inversion, the plants produce water at low temperature to cool environments in a natural way.

The structure of the building is of mixed type. Prefabricated concrete slabs and metal structural work  to support the glass facades.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Team Leader
Additional Credits: LUCA TRUSCELLO