Milo Kleinberg Design Associates (MKDA)

Milo Kleinberg Design Associates (MKDA)

New York, NY | Stamford, CT | Miami, FL | Washington, DC


Private Equity Firm

Resimercial Design

This technology-focused growth equity investment firm wanted their new workspace to resemble a residential Manhattan apartment rather than a traditional corporate office. At the same time, they still needed a functional environment to support their rigorous work. Keeping these requirements in mind, the MKDA project team incorporated various resimercial design elements to create a comfortable, yet inspiring space. 

As employees emerge from the elevators, a large moss wall greets them, immediately creating a calm environment. Upon entering the reception area, the team chose rich wood accents and different textual wall coverings to establish a warm and inviting atmosphere. The wood slat ceiling combined with linear recessed lighting adds a luxurious aspect, which builds upon the hospitality theme. We also pulled certain attributes from the client’s existing London office such as the herringbone wood floors and the neutral color palette with pops of its signature blue.   

Focus on Wellness

Placing an emphasis on employee productivity and wellbeing, we deliberately included a balanced mix of private offices and open workstations to mitigate distracting noise levels. Additionally, height-adjustable workstations and a wellness room with two exercise bikes promote ergonomics and health for team members.  

The cafe, tucked away in the corner of the space, capitalizes on expansive, curved windows, which frame the breathtaking city views. It allows natural light to pour into the area and provides a scenic backdrop for both socialization and a quick break. It also has a number of seating options, from barstools to chairs and padded benching, to maximize comfort and enable individuals to take in the Manhattan skyline.  

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Interior design