Milo Kleinberg Design Associates (MKDA)

Milo Kleinberg Design Associates (MKDA)

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Industrial Space Embodies Engineering Firm’s Essence 

Cosentini, a well-established engineering firm, tasked MKDA with creating a modern, branded environment in contrast to their previous closed and crowded workspace. The project team devised an open plan, industrial concept, which highlights the building’s raw materials, to emulate the structural nature of the firm’s work. We also included orange and blue accent colors to add personality to the space’s simple, yet powerful aesthetic. 

The expansive reception area sets a strong industrial tone with exposed ceilings, ductwork, and polished concrete floors. The floating, interconnected stair coupled with a unique linear LED lighting fixture exemplifies how technical prowess can facilitate creative design, which reinforces the significance of their work as engineers. Other striking details include two digital display walls with alternating images; hanging blue and orange acoustical baffles; and a patterned green wall. 

Directly adjacent to reception, an open pantry area serves as an alternative space for individuals to socialize and collaborate together. It features a calming blend of warm and cool wooden tones with a white, subway tile backsplash, establishing a welcoming atmosphere for both employees and guests alike. 

In the main work areas, the team selected height-adjustable workstations to promote employee wellbeing and productivity through ergonomic comfort. All glass office fronts and sliding conference room doors provide privacy for both focus and collaborative work while also maintaining the space’s overall sense of openness and transparency. 

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Interior design