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DUOS Hotel

Wynwood’s First Hotel

DUOS Hotel, a 51-room condo hotel that is 37,000 square-feet from the ground up, is the first condo hotel located in the heart of Wynwood, a dynamic and upcoming neighborhood in Miami. MKDA’s main goal with this hotel was to combine the grittiness of Wynwood’s industrial past with its current revitalization into an art district known for its edgy artwork and progressive architecture. 

Stacked Block Exterior 

The exterior of the hotel is based on a stacked block concept, designed with metal panels and bare concrete. This idea serves two purposes: To resemble the game Tetris, an 80s video game based on stacking differently shaped pieces, to appeal to its Millennial target demographic. Additionally, it emphasizes Wynwood’s unique, industrial character, which originated from reviving small-scale industrial buildings on small lots. In this case, the project team took a challenging site, a mere 7,250 square-foot space, and turned it into an opportunity to highlight Wynwood’s urban roots through converting it into an efficient, high-density development. Moreover, the building’s facade features distinctive graffiti to reflect a key aspect of Wynwood’s artistic charm and striking personality. 

Transitioning from the exterior to the interior, MKDA designed an outdoor seating area at ground level to provide access to the hotel by way of an elevator that opens directly to the second-floor lobby. With artwork and 3,000 square feet of retail, which can be utilized for food and beverage retailers, the base of the hotel delivers an optimal segue from street life to the interior. 

Geometric and Bold Interior

Guests enter the elevated lobby and are immediately greeted with a raw aesthetic and splashes of bold color and geometric graphics, much like the artwork seen on the streets of Wynwood. The lobby’s floors are made of poured terrazzo with geometric inlays that carry the Tetris concept to the interior and embody Wynwood’s constant expansion. The lobby design also includes back-painted glass walls, a custom brass reception desk, and copper and anodized black metal details that represent the exposed pipes abundant in the neighborhood's warehouses. 

In addition to the modern lobby, the hotel’s interior comprises 51 condo hotel units across seven floors that are designed with luxurious textiles and gray carpet tiles in varying geometric shapes. Exposed concrete ceilings create an industrial aesthetic and maximize ceiling heights while custom millwork create modern compact and efficient spaces for all furniture, storage and kitchen requirements.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Miami, FL, US
Firm Role: Architecture