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    Evan Chakroff Mar 26 '09 7

    for all y'all kipnis fans: last autumn's Arch 200 Class (Introduction to Architecture) has suddenly appeared online.

    a good place to start? windows....



    • FRaC
      Mar 26, 09 11:18 pm


      Mar 27, 09 3:30 am


      finally, the true comic genius of Kipnis on display.

      Mar 27, 09 3:31 pm

      There is a weird duality to this guy. At once cynical as shit, making fun of architects and architecture, and on the other hand a belief that architecture can make things better. The problem is that this cynicism seems to drive his writing more than his hopeful side. Maybe not his writing but the work he champions (Eisenman).

      Quilian RianoQuilian Riano
      Mar 29, 09 8:59 pm

      Hi Evan, just finished watching them all, thanks for posting them. It is a lot like the class I took with him at the GSD, except better organized.

      There is too much in there, very dense thinking laid out pretty simply. In other words: classic Kipnis.

      The only thing I wanted to note is that he started the first lecture by saying architects should not really care about comfort and other such things. He ended the last lecture, however, by pointing to the global population boom, the consequent need to house all these people, and the environmental toll of architecture. At the same time he points to a blob and says that's the future of architecture. Maybe he is just trying to cover all his bases but something just does not compute.

      Evan ChakroffEvan Chakroff
      Mar 29, 09 9:09 pm

      quilian, you don't see it as a calculated arc of redemption? the formalist reborn as environmental crusader?

      i still haven't watched all of these, but its very similar to his theory seminar two years ago, but definitely tailored to the young(er) audience (these lectures were from a class for freshmen considering the architecture program).

      i'm just glad the KSA finally got some video online - i've long been a fan of the GSD's offerings.

      Quilian RianoQuilian Riano
      Mar 29, 09 9:59 pm

      Maybe, except I think his 'crusading' is tepid a best. He just seems to rattle off everything he thinks will influence architects for the next 5-10 years.

      He seems to enjoy teaching these undergrads, or maybe it is the video but there is something different about him. He seems happier and more hopeful.

      Mar 30, 09 1:26 pm

      theorists are very similar in that way. the goal is to cover your bases and not get caught in a corner.

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