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    portfolio: the remix

    Evan Chakroff Mar 26 '09 1

    so here's an idea. don't do your own portfolio. choose a friend or colleague. trade. supply the images and text, but leave the layout up to them. if you were a barber, would you cut your own hair?

    a friend of mine asked me to crit her port, and we talked earlier tonight. later, needing a break from work on my own i did a few quick photoshop sketches to show her what i meant....

    i don't presume to be better at graphic design than anyone else, but i thought it was a lot of fun to "remix" her layouts... and i think there is something useful in the exercise- if only to realize that you may need to take a step back from your own work in order to see how best to present it....

    so, i suggest that everyone swap portfolios, redesign your friends, and then have a healthy discussion of layout over a few beers.

    (orig - remix)


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