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    t-minus one hour

    Evan Chakroff Dec 2 '08 4

    technically, i should have some plans and sections by now.... or in an hour when "pens down" goes into effect.... but after working all weekend (mostly on Grasshopper wankery), decided to go see Synecdoche, New York instead or pushing through tonight. Final review's on thursday.... meaning I've got tomorrow to come up with some decent drawings...


    • liberty bell
      Dec 3, 08 12:11 am

      See here for Synecdoche,NY.

      Like the image with the barstools.

      Get some rest, then put together some drawings tomorrow right before the presentation (in my case, meeting) - that's how I've practiced for the last four years and so far so good!

      Evan ChakroffEvan Chakroff
      Dec 3, 08 12:17 am

      thanks for the tip....

      usually i roll that way... made the mistake of working all weekend, and today i had to take a break... i'll throw some plans together tomorrow and try to direct attention as best i can....

      liberty bell
      Dec 3, 08 8:48 am

      I was trying to come up with a word that sounds better than "throw" some plans together. Something that implies the truth of how design works: that you've been thinking/pondering/figuring out certain aspects of your ideas all along as you've been working one other aspects of the project. So the last-minute gathering of ideas into something presentable isn't "throwing" things together so much as it's allowing everything to sort of slide into place. There is much more finesse and skill than just "throwing" implies.

      Anyway, good luck!

      Alexander WalterAlexander Walter
      Dec 3, 08 4:00 pm

      nice one, evan! hang in there.

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