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    AU08 Lecture Series

    Evan Chakroff Sep 21 '08 1

    Counting down... Classes start next Wednesday. I've been pretty busy these last few weeks - a trip to Venice for the Biennale preview, prepping for a team meeting with Jacques and Pierre, followed immediately by the annual HdM staff party.... and now after a day of recovery I'm packing up my tiny Swiss apartment and looking forward to studio....

    the autumn lecture series schedule was just announced, and it seems to back up the rumors that Greg Lynn and Work AC will be visiting profs this quarter...

    once i get settled in back in Columbus I hope to post a brief summation of my year here at HdM, stripped of all confidential information of course, and a few thoughts on the exhibit in Venice... but that has to wait - I've got a plane to catch....

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Thoughts on the M.Arch I program at the Ohio State University, 2005-2009, plus additional work with OSU as a critic and lecturer.

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