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    Mark_M Feb 17 '07 8

    Our studio class on Friday was interesting. We are to design a live work unit in the city of Pheobus, VA and it has to be Handicap accessible. Instead of describing what we needed to do they showed us what it's like to be in a wheel chair. The presentation woke me up from my daydreaming of livework units. I have to admit I was in a zombie state of mind when I came to class on Friday.

    Here is one the students trying to get into the bathroom


    Another student rolling his way to the fire exit.


    Here are the Professors showing us their team spirit. Look at his legs they look like he's really paralyzed.

    active teaching

    I caught one them of guard. She's showing us how the handicap get off to use the bathroom.

    Caught by Chance

    Being in a wheelchair is a bummer.



    • Sir Arthur Braagadocio
      Feb 17, 07 6:05 pm

      1/12 don't you ever forget that number.

      David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
      Feb 17, 07 6:48 pm

      welcome to the real world...when we design for everyone we mean everyone.

      Read your ADA its important....speaks specifically to architects

      Feb 18, 07 3:09 am

      thanks for remining me of how lucky i am being able to walk. Accessibility IS Important for everybody. Nice pics of shannon and david BTW...

      Feb 18, 07 8:11 am

      This is a real message to the designers to remind them how to design through thinking of everyone who'd use the building..and it's not just a design of futuristic form and an image of complex blocks rendered and presented well on a sheet! ... thx Mark

      Feb 18, 07 8:11 pm

      That is a nice picture...Thanks Mark.

      Paralyzed??? You tellin' me I got no game.

      Let's jack some waves come spring...You'll see the moves.

      Feb 21, 07 11:56 am

      i hear peronnet can hang ten with a cigarette in one hand and a jack and coke in the other...

      vado retro
      Feb 21, 07 6:53 pm

      when i was a ta one of my students was in a wheelchair and guess what the studio portion of the class was in the basement and there was no elevator to the basement. good thinking unm. anyway i'd like to take a ride with your prof.

      Feb 21, 07 6:58 pm

      Jack and cokes are good but Manhattan's are better.

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