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    Designing a meal

    Mark_M Jan 30 '07 13

    First you got to sautee those onions.......

    simmer onions

    Then the secret ingredient.............

    add oyster sauce

    add beef for protein..........

    add beef

    add water to thin up the sauce.........

    add water

    add broccoli for the carbs.........

    add broccoli



    Now for the presentation. See how the hot cocoa and rice are proportioned with the beef and broccoli. Too little or too much rice can kill the meal. A future architect that can cook.....ooooh watch out Rachel Ray I got your number.




    • David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
      Jan 30, 07 3:39 pm

      Okay Mark...I don't know where you are from but you killed it all with the inclusion of the cocoa, the banana and eating with a fork. WTF? Chopsticks...simple device as old as human subconscience. Start again.

      Btw whose Rachel Ray?

      I can't almost smell the food from here...looks great.

      Chili Davis
      Jan 30, 07 3:52 pm

      Green tea, perhaps? And a mango.

      Jan 30, 07 4:12 pm

      I used a fork because I'm not coordinated enough to use chop sticks. It's a serious handicap when I'm eating sushi.

      Jan 30, 07 4:39 pm

      is the secret ingredient oyster flavored sauce?

      Jan 30, 07 4:52 pm

      also, in the composition, i would switch the bowl of brocolli beef with the banana, and then switch the bowl of rice with the banana...then rotate the banana 180 degrees...

      Jan 30, 07 6:31 pm

      aaah dammson!!!! you must have cooked this before.

      Jan 30, 07 6:45 pm

      i just recognize the color and texture...i have a bottle at home...

      Jan 30, 07 7:52 pm

      is there really hot cocoa in that mug? if so, did you drink it while eating?

      Jan 30, 07 10:51 pm

      oh yeah! It's cold in virginia

      David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
      Jan 31, 07 1:28 am

      I thought that's what Vodka & Rum was for?

      Jan 31, 07 3:27 am

      Vodka & Rum...*mmmm* now that's a drink!

      Chili Davis
      Jan 31, 07 10:29 am

      Wow, your school blog got spammed. Awesome!

      Jan 31, 07 11:19 pm

      It makes a smiley face with a nose ring.

      Cute. that word.

      needs noodles :-)

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