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    woo hoo

    Mark_M Feb 1 '07 4

    I'am dead tired but this cheered me up. One of my buddies emailed me this. I don't know if you guys have seen it before but it took my mind off of studio for a minute.

    oh yeah

    So I have been working on my portofolio since school started and I think I finally have a grasp on it. One of our professors recieved his undergrad in graphic design so there is that extra challenge thats thrown in there. He throws in these things I call "riddle me this and riddle me that answers" You know when professors answer your questions with questions.
    I have been posting my work on my "Wall of Shame" Everything up there has something wrong. It's one of those constant reminders "WWWRRROOOONNNG" that I see first thing in the morning. It's one of my tricks to help keep me motivated to strive for something better.

    my wall of shame

    I also have a security system set up for those 40 thieves.


    I saw a sign up stating that our Friday lecture will be on studio culture "What is it?" It's probably needed around here. It is kind hard to have it when they lock you out of your own studio. This poblem still has yet to be resolved. Here is culture for ya I got Katrina to drink out of a bowl.

    finally got kat to drink out a bowl

    Here is Brandon making an offer to the architecture gods to buy us more time. Lord knows we need it. I think he offered them hot cocoa. Well its back to work on this Drawing Disney.

    Brandon trying to catch the water drops



    • Alexander Jack
      Feb 1, 07 11:13 pm

      I keep seeing that article pop-up. Do you have the date on it by anychance? It must be a really hot topic in magazine's

      Feb 2, 07 2:46 am

      what about female architects?are they that rare or?...i don't even want to think about other possible answers :)

      on the other hand,i agree! architects are sexy,but where does this sexiness come from?from intelligence mostly (my opnion) reminds me of an idea that someone once wrote : 'true love is like a conversation between 2 brilliant minds'...:)

      not per--corell
      Feb 2, 07 7:06 am

      an article on the 'sexiest women professionals' would make someone somewhere upset. men, on the other hand, can't help but think to themselves: 'yeaaahhh, baby!'

      or 'woo hoo'.

      David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
      Feb 2, 07 11:51 am

      agree per (where've you been?)

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