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    Mark_M Mar 18 '07 11

    No laptop. No back up. No files. No ANALYSIS work. No PORTFOLIO work. No DISNEY work. No Pictures. Thanks laptop of mine for all the good memories but why did you have to completely crash and take my work with you so early? You couldn’t hold on until May huh? Well….. Life moves on, so here is to you! It’s going to be a long haul until the end of the semester. I read this in someones sketch book and I think it applies right about now.

    "Don't complain 50% don't care and the other 50% are glad its not them."




    • bucku
      Mar 18, 07 9:01 pm

      external hard drive.
      i learned the hard way as well.
      i am about to buy another external for a backup of my back up.
      sorry dude.

      Quilian RianoQuilian Riano
      Mar 18, 07 10:23 pm

      no disney work?

      Mar 19, 07 2:32 pm

      i have about 20 cd with different backups( To make sure i burn everything twice...) My nightmare is that all my work will get lost. i am still afraid i havent done enought to save it...
      but the good thing is that you posted a lot of your work, so u can get is back from internet or??
      Good luck

      Mar 19, 07 2:49 pm
      Mar 19, 07 4:00 pm


      you try and get an image from Geek Squad or somethin?

      Mar 19, 07 11:34 pm

      my computer crashed about 2 months after Thesis, luckily i backed everything up....i just thank god it held out til after thesis was over, otherwise it could have been ugly

      sucks but the only thing you can do is just mvoe on..good luck

      David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
      Mar 20, 07 5:35 pm

      yea its a tough one to say bye bye to information like that. But you can get it recovered...there are companies (reliable) that do that sort of thing (but they ain't cheap)

      Erin WilliamsErin Williams
      Mar 20, 07 7:17 pm

      get an external hard drive case/connector ($25 at nearest electronics store). Take the hard drive out of your laptop, hook it up as an external drive to a computer you know works. Just because your harddrive is not capable of booting up your computer doesn't mean that the information is necessarily gone...

      Mar 21, 07 5:16 am

      Ouch. Just think of all the great work you'll accomplish in the future. Water under the bridge... Make DVD back-ups, mail a copy to some not-too-distant relative, and get a small fireproof safe. I learned that one the hard way.

      Mar 21, 07 5:18 pm

      have your profs been understanding? horror stories abound of professors saying "oh well- you fail" after something like that. GRRR i lost EVERYTHING on my laptop 2 months BEFORE thesis ended--- luckily i was transferring everything to my desktop at night when i would get home from studio. so i didnt lose much... but at least you're learning this lesson early on!

      Mar 27, 07 5:40 pm

      oooh no. that happened to me my final thesis semester.
      so not fun.
      the recovery process yielded some files but the files with external links and references were the worst--don't count on getting back .ai, .psp, etc.
      that said, definitely purchase an external hard drive big enough to back up your laptop hard drive at least twice over. and do it--religiously--after completion of every major drawing.
      so sorry, but you'll be ok.
      sucks, but you will be ok.

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