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    Mark_M Jan 23 '07 2

    My group and i started working on our disney competion entry. Here are some of our ideas.

    katrina's concept

    brandon's concept

    smitty's concept

    This was mine. It has an alien invasion story that I will elaborate on later.

    my disney concept

    I goofed around for awhile before I jumped to my studio project. Which is almost done and then its off to physics. yeaaaah.

    Brandon thinks he got skillz

    Bradon think he got skillz

    I had to show him how to do that drop knee though. Man I miss my bodyboard. Nothing like spongin in the open sea. The water is 35 degrees and thats a little too cold for me.

    what you about that drop knee

    Here some more goof around pictures and our studio.

    studio son



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