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    [047] my Met, your Met!

    bigness Jul 19 '05 2

    I guess i had to write a bit on this first year at the Met.

    The university' strongest point is that there is not one attitude, one agenda, but a series of (sometimes contrasting) programs. This fosters variety, but it also means a lot of individualism and internal politics between some of the units (among the tutors, as the students get along just fine). It does make for an entertaining viewing, to see them fighting and badmouthing eachother.

    The year at CHORA (unit 8) was good, a steep learning curve, but with a lot of help, from Raoul and all the people gravitating around the office.

    Despite the terrible burocratic structure, the individuals working at the ASD are always very helpful. There are assholes, as anywhere, but not in huge numbers.

    All in all, a careful party!



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