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    [037] at chora, day two

    bigness Apr 14 '05 3

    here we are gain, we're working on a competition, which just like all other competitions, is secret, so i can't talk about it.
    but we do look pretty concentrated, don't we?



    • Darren Hodgson
      Apr 14, 05 11:15 am

      it looks like the two guys on the right are playing noughts and crosses... (or tic tac toe for the american viewers)

      Apr 14, 05 11:45 am

      Nah, that already happened here.

      those guys are just trying to sort out how to handle a 5-fold increase in scale of a 3dmax model...if you look close enough you can see the smoke rising from their heads!

      David Cuthbert
      Apr 14, 05 2:17 pm

      the other one is making farting sounds from his mouth

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