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    [038] it's getting late

    bigness Apr 14 '05 3

    oh, i love mobile phones with cameras and bluetooth...
    10:20 pm
    and for some reasons, the ipod on the desk (mine) hasn't worked for the last 3 days!



    • Paul PetruniaPaul Petrunia
      Apr 14, 05 5:26 pm

      have you tried resetting the ipod?

      Darren Hodgson
      Apr 15, 05 3:46 am

      It's probably the evil apple ipod battery kicking in, once its reached its life limit say goodbye to your ipod... cos you ain't changing the battery...

      Apr 15, 05 5:58 am

      nah, it's just damaged, it can't access the hard drive, and neither can the application to reset/restore it, i get that "folder with the exclamation mark" icon and when i try to update it it tells me it doesn't have the correct structure...i'll wait for it to run out of battery completely and then give it a try.

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