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    [044] time is an illusion. lunchtime doubly so.

    bigness May 10 '05 5

    ah, the picture posts...lately i have taken the habit of coming to the 24h internet caffe around the corner to have a break during those sleepless nights(no internet at home, in case you wondered)since my body clock has moved foward about 12 hours, and let me tell you, the characters around here...i just put my ipod on, and try not to look at the scary things on other people's screens.

    some pictures of paper models i have been working on, they could be formal explorations of a folding surface, or the result of too much time spent on the GSAPP website

    now applied technology. i decided to develop the structure of the building as a prototype...and it's a bitch.
    the first model shows a cross section through the roof.
    while this one is a series of sequential sections off the rhino model, shaped in alluminium (spot the packet of cigarettes if you can...they are there for moral comfort, rather than actual consumption)
    and finally, a bucolic scene of southern england (since i'm always badmouthing blighty, i though i might show something nice), from the train to brighton.

    now a little question: how do u stick stuff to alluminium? i can't weld at the moment, i tried uhu but it won't stick, and neither will soldeing! i need those sections to stand upright, and i dont' know how to hold them up!


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