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Sep '04 - Nov '06

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    [22] those shoes...

    bigness Dec 20 '04 0

    interim review, finally!
    we had the pleasure of being joined by......., degree unit tutor at the AA, to have some external feedback as well as the usual josh and raoul.
    All around we all did pretty well, the main criticism across the board is that there is an idea, there is research and then there is a final product. but there are holes in the research which result in the final product not being totally responsive to the environment.

    we were all pretty nackered and hung-over from the wales' trip, so it all went down pretty hazinly...i thought i'd take some pictures to help the memory
    my boards

    the prototypes

    tim's carpark/dance club

    louis' teenage pregnancy plan

    philip stark's shoes


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