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    [033] italy good uk bad.

    bigness Apr 4 '05 4

    Back from the spring break, damn it was good...alcohol consumption was high, wheather was too and getting back on that stansted express train crossing the barren wastelands of east london was a knock back to reality i could have done without.

    yes, i study Architecture and yes,

    i do it in england.

    Anyway, buried in my hard drive i found some pictures of the celebration week we had just before the break so i thought i might post them.

    some people have very large aspirations, and site models to match (roughly 3x2 meters)

    others fiddle with cutouts. mail your architectural explenations of this to my email, please.

    "how many cathedrals can you fit on this site?" or when the historical references have the better of you.

    in the mean time we were making (some last minute adjustment to) the presentation.

    the screen reads :"imagine they are all naked"

    olly on the decks, end of week party




    • siggers
      Apr 4, 05 4:52 pm

      uk good, italy bad (well at least that is what I hear about the architecture schools) :p

      Cheer up!

      Apr 4, 05 6:24 pm

      i would take uk any day, cant stand that old shit.

      Apr 6, 05 8:58 am

      life is not all about Architecture, 99.9%of it might be, but not all...

      Chris Daniel
      Apr 7, 05 3:38 pm

      Ahh, DJ Bayliss on the decks!

      I caught the beginning of his set but then had to leave early.

      You should ask him about "Teefin' Turntables" sometime. Those were the days.

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