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    [012] first interim review

    bigness Oct 28 '04 0

    This afternoon we'll have our first "review",or "crit", or "slaughter", call it as you wish.

    We only had about 3 days to prepare it, and most of it was spent on research, so no fancy presentations.

    After the mini-scenario exercise (an indept analysis of randomly selected points in the area we are considering),
    we were to select one particular scenario, and develop a prototype. The prototype could really be anything, from a small scale landscape intervebtion, to larger architectural gestures, to the organization of an event, etc.

    The main idea is to create something, a device, that could stir up the present situation on the mini-site of our choice.

    I decided to develop a radio station, produced by the local technology college, that could be bradcast to the bus stops in the area. The system will be connected to the Automatic Vehicle Location system of London Buses and a database of the demographics of bus users a different times, in order to cater for different age groups at different times.

    I spent the last 3 days researching AVL, GPS, 1XRTT, wireless networks and satellite communication.

    Pictures of my shitty diagrams on their way later!


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