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    [029] new project

    bigness Feb 28 '05 0

    New project, pictures soon.

    Our site is more than 400 Km/Sq.


    Miniscenarios that motherfuckers.

    Anyway, bought a pc from (the cheapest i could find, we'll see if they deliver) and it should be here in a few days. It's a 3000 AMD 64bit and a nice 256 NV graphic card...if you have to do pc, do big ass pc. Or as big as you can afford, in this case.

    Today's tutorial was co-hosted by Mr Franklin, professor at UPenn. Not entirely sure why he was there.

    in the meantime, check this, it has some of our work in there. Follow exhibition, and then go Archilab 2004.

    Laquiete, A band of friends of mine are coming to tour england in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully i'll be able to follow them around a bit. Suggested reading: "get in the van".


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