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Ann Arbor | Detroit, MI



2009 - Detroit, MI - design/build

An office situated inside a house built in 1907 on Detroit’s east side for a group that specializes in graphic design and marketing. The office identity needs to reflect that of a young and contemporary marketing group. 

Light and material are the largest factors in the design. The installation creates an interior wrap within the existing room that screens light and and defines function. The perforated panels screen the existing fluorescent lights diffusing the harsh light to a subtle glow. Window panels allow control of natural light and shelving wraps the room for extra storage and display. 

The office space requires accommodation for up to four people. On frequent occasion the office is utilized by only two people. To maximize flexibility and flow the workstations become dynamic. Extra desks nestle below the primary desks to maximize space. When all four people are at work, the desks roll apart to reveal more work space underneath.

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Status: Built
Location: Detroit, MI, US