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Ann Arbor | Detroit, MI


Super Temporary

A pair of installations at the entry points to the luminary party of FOOLmoon. This super temporary pop up lasted only 12 hours from materials arriving on site to their removal. Only a vague formal idea of volume and surface created out of ordinary materials preceded the on site formation.

A stretched plastic wrap connects to the existing framework of the market shed to create a pair of portals through a green glow. Made entirely out of biodegradable plastic the volume structurally supports itself in a suspended nearly parabolic form. The portals pass entirely through to create visually site lines. In the enclosed volume floats a web of light and structure to pull back and suspend.

At the other end of the market shed is a lighter frame of string that is highlighted by a linear strip of black light skimming and tracing itself along the web. Again, using the structure to define the formal relationship of the woven string the final outcome frames the entry as it lifts from the column to the extending beams and back around to the other side. As a luminary procession danced through the framework the black light played off both the installation and the costumes of participants.

The entire installation was conceived and created on site in a super temporary fashion. Reacting to the structural conditions, the pop up became a design exercise in impromptu creations with a design language of making something out of the ordinary.

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Status: Built
Location: Ann Arbor, MI, US
Firm Role: Designer / Maker
Additional Credits: Client: