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Ann Arbor | Detroit, MI


Sweet Heather Anne

Led by a baker trained in fine art, Sweet Heather Anne functions much like a gallery. Arch silhouettes define the walls and corridor separating gallery from functional office and walk-in-cooler behind.

Shelving and wall space doted with sconces highlight ambitious designs in artificial tiers of foam and piping. The multi-functional space serves as desert counter, tasting room, and workshop.

Bespoke furniture created by the architect replicates the arch detailing and tones including 2 butcher block tables and a display counter.

The display counter borrows a recognizable element of the demonstration kitchen with a pivot mirror above the counter to reflect top down views of pastry art in progress to workshop attendees. Rotated to display the back, a menu of treats available during retail hours is displayed. 

Taking the opportunity to occupy neighboring retail suites, the combined 1,700 square feet of dual space is separated by a common wall and opening that connects customer and production operations.

The adjacent space is considered the behind the scenes bakery except for a matching display window gives the passerby a glimpse into the process with worktables of pastry chefs delicately piping in the front of the space.

Notes of the brand carry over into the bakery with geometric food-safe paneling and color accents all coordinated with general contractor O’Neal Construction.

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Status: Built
Location: Ann Arbor, MI, US
Firm Role: Architect