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Ann Arbor | Detroit, MI


The Lunch Room

Designed as a second iteration of the culinary adventures of The Lunch Room, the space borrowed design motives from the operations of the start-up food cart.  The long continuous counter has variations in detailing for the bakery, point-of-sale and counter service. The open kitchen allows interaction throughout the meal, critical for the charismatic owners to always be engaging with their customers.

Synecdoche designed and fabricated all the custom features of the space. The soffits within the space help define separate zones of dining and service within the cozy space. The typical bamboo skewers are dipped in paint and as aggregate of small details lose their individual appearance and becomes one large installation. Custom cut cement board gives definition and durability to the walls, hinting at the restaurant’s signature yellow color within the reveal joint. A large banquet buffers sound and provides flexible seating with moving tables custom welded with the same detailing as the counter.

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Status: Built
Location: Ann Arbor, MI, US
Firm Role: Design + Build
Additional Credits: Joe Donelko, Jeff Gearhart, Aaron Willette, Jason Prather, John Hilmes

O'neal Construction
Snider Electric
Wilbur Plumbing
Robertson + Morrison HVAC

Burt Forest Products
Fingerle Lumber
Alro Metals Plus