Shawn Tubb

Shawn Tubb

Los Angeles, CA, US


University of Cincinnati Climate Action Plan

[University of Cincinnati, Planning + Design + Construction  2008-2011]

As the University of Cincinnati’s first Sustainability Coordinator, I played a large role in the creation of the institution’s Climate Action Plan. The 300+ page document details the existing conditions of sustainability at the University and then makes many recommendations and strategies for reducing carbon emissions and costs, while increasing quality of life and growth. The Climate Action Plan was a required component of the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, a resolution to become carbon neutral by 2050. Dozens of community members at the institution of 50,000 participated in the planning process and the Plan was approved by the Board of Trustees. I began implementing many of the components immediately during my 3 years as Sustainability Coordinator, including a bike share, campus garden, increased recycling, reuse market, bike shop, increased student programming, and more.

images property of University of Cincinnati & Shawn P. Tubb

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Status: Built
Location: Cincinnati, OH, US
My Role: Sustainability Coordinator