Shawn Tubb

Shawn Tubb

Los Angeles, CA, US


Evergreen Brick Works

E.R.A. Architects [2005]

“Founded in 1889, the Don Valley Brick Works became the largest and most significant brick manufacturer in Canada. Relying on locally extracted clay, shale and sand, the Don Valley bricks were used in the construction of some of Toronto’s landmark buildings and were sold throughout Canada and the United States. ERA Architects Inc. has been the heritage architects of record at the Don Valley Brick Works since 2002. The project includes overseeing the adaptive re-use of many buildings on the property, some on-going maintenance, as well the coordination of the various scales of interventions on the site.” The site is now a public park and educational centre. I worked on the heritage analysis, use studies, and documentation.

images property of E.R.A. Architects & Shawn P. Tubb

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Status: Built
Location: Toronto, ON, CA
My Role: Intern Architect