Thomas Wensing

Thomas Wensing

New York, NY, US


Caribou County Guest Compound

This project was completed while at Brogue Trondowski Architects, where I worked as architectural assistant to Bogue Trondowski from the initial design until the completion stages. The compound sits in a sparsely populated valley at an elevation of over 6,500 feet surrounded by magnificent views of distant mountain ranges. The complex rises just slightly above the landscape with the cabins informally grouped around a local dip in the undulating prairie grass.
The architectural concept for the new interventions was to create cor-ten steel boxes which would erode or intrude the archetypical house shape. The open plans of the cabins help to make the small interiors appear spacious. Originally, the compound consisted of four log cabins, in various stages of dilapidation. It proved necessary to use the logs of one of the outbuildings for repair of the others. The cabins were braced, temporarily relocated, and hoisted onto their new foundation. Steel structural reinforcements have been hidden in new partition walls.

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Status: Built
Location: Caribou County, ID, US
My Role: Architectural Designer, Bogue Trondowski Project Architect
Additional Credits: Bogue Trondowski Architects; Project Architect Bogue Trondowski, Team: Dariusz Voelkner, Wojtek Zaborniak, Thomas Wensing