Thomas Wensing

Thomas Wensing

New York, NY, US


Interior Renovation

I worked on this project from preliminary design to construction stage at Bogue Trondowski Architects, with the help of Associated Fabrication, Brooklyn, NY.
The cabinets are sheathed in solid matte acrylic. Handles are custom CAD-CAM milled out of the faces. The acrylic allows the new kitchen to read as a sharp translucent volumetric insert. Corners are dissolved by foldaway panels, cutouts, and bold cantilevers, maximizing the space and creating a dynamic link between kitchen, living and dining room.Its refinement complements the existing, Japanese-inspired house. A desk, dumb waiter and flat screen television are hidden in the cabinets.

The kitchen was published in the Architectural Record, July 2007

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Status: Built
Location: Darien, CT, US
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Bogue Trondowski Architects; Bogue Trondowski
Associated Fabrication