Ottaviano Ciabatti

Ottaviano Ciabatti

Crema, IT


Soft Loft

Every project is a story, this story talks about the way new families conceive the container of their lifes. In this case the needs of a young 50-year-old man, back to be single, who often shares his home with his four children, called for a precise concept: that of a unified space, conducive to socializing, conversation and relationships, where every person can find his own unique, favorite spaces.
The original container, a former warehouse, was big enough to house the Kids Home, a home within a home, a second box, white outside and green inside, shaped into four democratically equal bed-islands to permit total autonomy.
The volume of the house within the house, became the ordering fulcrum of the design allowing the composition of three distinct, complete domestic islands, that relate each other according to a logic of continuity and fluidity, in an open visual sequence: from the entrance zone, all the way to the master bedroom.
So in the end, while this presence defines and organizes the living spaces, evoking the image of a Scandinavian wooden cottage, a vacation home, everything around it is a reverse landscape, made of white painted pine boards, green colour elements, natural light and little else, to convey a sensation of freedom and wellbeing, like outdoor living, like a “new familiy” picnic.

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Status: Built
Location: Crema, IT