Ottaviano Ciabatti

Ottaviano Ciabatti

Crema, IT


B&A outlet

The Shop Concept for Baci & Abbracci - B&A Outlet originates from the essential interpretation of the highest functionality required in the display system, and the customers-way layout of the Outlet Shops.
The project’s elements shapes are extremely simple and had been used to model the standard sites intended for this market.
The central lane is a visual axis that defines two lateral display areas regularly marked by horizontal and vertical elements, wich “mould” the original space in order to restore a living feature, consistent with the body proportions.
The great simplicity of the composition become a strong visual identity through the specialized use of the vinylic films, wich cover as a skin the architectural elements.
A reflective macro-pixel pattern animates the Brand colours - lettering screens covering transparent sheets and mirroring surfaces - black and white images portraying the advertising campaign “floating in the air.
If to increase the ease of installation and the costs-control has been selected a “light” material as the vinylic film, the flooring material is a new generation ceramic slab suitable for the huge customers stream, and with sophisticated visual effects depending on the lighting angle of incidence.

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Status: Built
Location: Various Places