Ottaviano Ciabatti

Ottaviano Ciabatti

Crema, IT


Casa MM45

To radically transform the atmosphere of this house it was indispensable to completely re-think the relationship between the two floors.
The Idea wich shaped the full project has been the creation of a cut in the slab - to allow the natural light coming from the skylights to come down and - to visually connect the two levels.
In order to emphasize this connection, the ceiling softly bends and develops into the wall of the bedroom’s corridor.
The open space is free and fluid inside the orderly frame composed by the two long lateral walls, converted in a line of furniture.
The elegance and warmth of the materials selected for the ground floor, it’s reintroduced in the first floor rooms, after the passage through the corridor - a whithe box filled with light, neutral enough to be the perfect link between the various moment of the day.

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Status: Built
Location: Milan, IT