Ottaviano Ciabatti

Ottaviano Ciabatti

Crema, IT


Enrico IV

The lack of natural light and the reduced ceiling heights, shaped the lighting project to such an extent, that had became the key element for the design of a Shop with an intensive goods display, and a huge customers stream.
The ceiling structure had draw the lighting modules sequence organized as a grid made of regular polygons, wich had literally covered the horizontal and vertical planes, diffusing the light through opalescent glass and plexiglas sheets.
The idea of repetition had an interesting development also in the design of two elements, conceived as superposed horizontal planes that sliding by degrees, totally change their functions from cash desk to staircase.
The space connecting the two floors has been covered with a soft skin made by padded modules, in order to create a clear break and accompany the customers in the sale environment.

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Status: Built
Location: Crema, IT