Ottaviano Ciabatti

Ottaviano Ciabatti

Crema, IT



Envisioning a “light envelope” into an existing interior has been the approach to the commission for a shoe shop whose aim was to display a big number of shoe model with a not predictable display pattern.
The result is a simple skin that is porous enough to allow the original shell to breathe. Rethinking the display wall not only as a selling tool but also as an architectural element made the design process find out another key element of the project: OSB panels featuring a laser-cut pattern form a backdrop for a non linear display of shoes and provide an opportunity to “draw” complex shapes inspired by a school of fish, for example, or a flock of birds.
The material used for floor, cash desk and small shelves - iron treathed for outdoor use - met the need for a low budget, while creating a warm glow that corresponds to the natural look of the highly textured panels.

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Status: Built
Location: Crema, IT