Alexandra Seager

Alexandra Seager

New York, NY, US


SVA Chair Project

This chair project is required to transform into 4 functions: stool, dining chair, reading chair, and reclining chair. The design is also something that must be appealing by consumers between the ages of 18 -24. After conducting an extensive study on ergonomics and the human form, our first goal was to get a concept for "the big idea". Then we began to form models to represent this concept, which lead to us to the development of our full size model. We had to sit in our chair in all the functions successfully to pass this project. My chair fit all four functions plus some additional ideas, held weight perfectly, and got many comments on my craftsmanship during the final presentation.

These are my presentation boards which show the process of my design development and final chair model.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US