Alexandra Seager

Alexandra Seager

New York, NY, US



This was the final project in my A1 Foundations Studio course. This studio was the introduction to using scale and the abstraction of design, which we used to develop our project concepts. The final project was to create a reading space for the BAC and was assigned a real site in Boston, which was a parking lot, so we did our first in-depth analysis of the environment that we were designing for. After developing our own concept, we began diagramming, doing drawings, designing our own model, and a group site model. This was hand drafted and presented on the last day of class with a board of critics. My project focused on natural light and how it influenced the site. I constructed an accurate shadow analysis throughout my site and the surrounding buildings, and found where light existed and didn’t. My goal was to manipulate light, so I chose to explore lighter colored materials and a form that would arch reflections into the space that didn’t have much sunlight during the winter months.


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Status: School Project
Location: Boston, MA, US