Alexandra Seager

Alexandra Seager

New York, NY, US



This project is a detailed interior study and sustainable development for the American lifestyle brand Nautica. This building will be the new headquarters in the New York and Tri-state area. As a company Nautica is striving to push ahead and bring awareness to environmental issues. The goal for this design is to take a large corporate space and create a functional, unique, and comprehensive design that powerfully and successfully represents Nautica’s sustainability goals.

“We know that this is an unchartered path and we must constantly re-evaluate how the way we do business impacts the earth, our oceans and global communities.” - Nautica

The world is becoming more environmentally aware and architecture and interior design are reflecting this in sustainably effective and highly marketable ways.  As a company, Nautica is pushing for better water and energy efficiency throughout their corporation and production.  To reflect these values, I have incorporated “living walls” in all the public spaces and conference rooms.  The center of the structure is the stair and elevator core, which is surrounded with lush green flora.  A large waterfall runs from the second floor to the first floor down elegant white marble slabs, and pumps water into the “living wall” to keep it hydrated and functional.  The “living walls” improve indoor air quality in addition to creating a stimulating atmosphere with a fresh aesthetic.  I have also incorporated multifunctional spaces, natural South-facing light, Energy Star and low-flow fixtures, reclaimed wood, furniture made of recycled content, and a flexible solar paneled roof design. These sustainable design methods will give the building LEED certification and support Nautica’s environmental objectives.

This design expresses a synthesis of the respected traditions and history of the Nautica brand and its future as a forward-thinking company that embraces sustainability and environmental design at its core.  Actual ship design, as well as the shape of the Nautica logo, acts as central inspiration to the Nautica headquarters.  Navy blue unifies the space while iconic American red, white, and blue act as accents throughout.  The solid colors in their textiles are made modern with clean lines and solid geometric shapes that reinforce the comfort and feeling of being on a boat. The evolution of modern yacht design inspires a sense of efficiency throughout, where every corner can become a seating area and every space is considered. The abstract is made physical, as a sweeping sail becomes a central design element that wraps around the façade.  In keeping with the company’s desire to be forthright with their environmental policies, the materials of the sail are transparent, also allowing light to penetrate the skylight and flood the space with natural light.  Designers work in an area that is open, collaborative, and has bright light.  As they peer out from the balcony on their lounge, the feeling of standing at the bow of the boat looking out onto the ocean is evoked—the comfort of their nautical inspiration gives them the reassurance to look boldly into the future of the Nautica brand.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US