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Zibata Town Center

A Town Square on a Purpose-Built Waterfront

Designed to encourage movement, Zibata Town Center weaves together wide pedestrian paths with linear parks and bikeways to create a strong, sustainable community resonated through the planning of public spaces as a way of life, fostering social interaction, bringing Zibata alive with identity and personality. Zibata is borne from the growing trend of needing an alternative livable community for growing families outside of burgeoning Mexico City. Tasked with bringing to life a creative, walkable, urban center that embodies a development focused on harmonizing urban living with an intrinsic sense of place and safe community living, the 100-hectare Zibata Town Center is designed to marry urban hardscapes with the natural and built environment while expressing a strong sense of place for the community through a comprehensive master plan interwoven with sustainable design features.

Artfully making use of the sloping site the Town Center’s lagoon feature is the hub of activity with Parkway access, accentuated with classic Mexican grand entrances and water features, terminating into a visual dichotomy of a water retreat with scenic vistas of Parque de Cactaceas, a bode to the region’s diverse Cacti population. The site combined with the creative design creates a natural amphitheatre placing the lagoon and its vistas of the Parque into the spotlight. Serving dual function, the Lagoon is a community amenity boasting floating restaurants, a lagoon club and perimeter walkway, while also providing a stormwater management solution. Anchored by the lagoon, the Zibata Town Center community radiates outward creating individual neighborhoods each with respective plazas and accompanying amenities for everyday living.

Inspired by the traditional town squares once so vital to social interaction, a hotel was included, residential precincts, retail space, offices, and parks weave together to make this desirable community. To make it a true destination for local families and visitors alike, a lake with a waterfront promenade was created and has become the neighbourhood focal point. Zibata Town Center slopes toward the water and a pedestrian path leads to a natural cacti preserve. The high-density centre gradually gives way to single-family communities with their own parks, plazas, and amenities. As well as a recreational and visual amenity, the lake manages stormwater runoff.

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Status: Built
Location: Mexico
Firm Role: Architect