Nissen Richards Studio

Nissen Richards Studio

London, GB


Eton Court

This extensive internal refurbishment of an existing 3 bedroom apartment within a 1920s block formed new linings and insertions to create a new seamless environment. Working with contractor A Price Limited and specialist cabinet-maker Lars Wagner, we really enjoyed creating a collection of beautiful insertions and new additions - a series of oak joinery elements provide the function of both storage and display. Coloured and timber openings puncture the cabinets forming apertures for sculptures and art works.

A new oak floor was laid throughout uniting the spaces and seamlessly joining the linear entrance hall with the dining and reception room. A bookshelf-wall lines the entrance hall and expresses the central axis of the plan. The bookshelf’s depth is extruded to create deep door openings into a series of rooms, and within these, new wardrobes and cupboards to provide additional storage space within the bedroom and study. 

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Status: Built
Location: London
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Specialist joiner and cabinet-maker: Lars Wagner
Pocket Doors: Portman
Ironmongery: Allgood
Oak flooring: Waxed Floors
Sanitaryware: CP Hart, Victoria & Albert, Duravit
Tiling and composite stone: Surface Tiles Limited
Kitchen: Doca