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Ritz Carlton Residence

This penthouse is set within the auditorium of a hospital building that was transformed into a residential complex. Its vast space was softened and reproportioned to a residential scale by creating an interior garden that allows the spaces to be organized around it. The garden features hanging plants and a swing, above a reflecting pool. 

The garden becomes the heart of the Lake House residence. The main level hosts the social areas distributed all along the facade overlooking the lake and the Miami Beach skyline. A sculptural black steel staircase connects the second floor where all bedrooms enjoy both expansive views of the outside and intimate views of the garden.

Interior volumes further define the design. Each volume is a suspended sculptural wood structure connected by an elegant hallway running along the gardens. The spacial flow is emphasized by the natural progression of filtered light. Noble materials, including stone, marble, wood, bronze, handblown glass, steel, and fabric work in unison to create this home.

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Status: Built
Location: Miami Beach, FL, US
Firm Role: Interior Design, Furniture Design, Architecture.