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Luis Pons Design Lab



Continuum Residence

The design of this residence focused on accentuating dynamic and lighthearted interactions and connections between the exuberant culture of Miami Beach, the owner’s impressive collection of modern art, and the apartment’s extraordinary panoramic views of the Port of Miami and the Atlantic Ocean.

Furnishings and design objects – many from the LPDL Mutables Collection – are childhood pursuits updated for adults. They incorporate the act of memory and playing with perception on an intellectual and emotional level. To that end, furnishings include magnetic tables created by LPDL, each containing steel sand inside a double chamber of glass, with magnets above and below. Over cocktails, visitors can amuse themselves by playing with the table, which is a kind of Etch-A-Sketch for grown-ups.

Interior doors between the living and sleeping areas are art installations. Steel-framed Plexiglas Sandscape boxes filled with sand and water spin independently, continually changing and creating impermanent forms. They are both an entertaining and easy to maintain sandbox to play with.

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Status: Built