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Flamingo Residence

This beautiful renovation was about reclaiming what was under the skin of this classic 1950’s residence and discovering the brilliant midcentury modern house in all of its bare simplicity. To recapture its original spirit and emphasize its clean lines and volumes all non-original decorative elements were removed, and interior spaces were opened, restoring the original flow of the rooms.

Capricious curved soffits reminiscent of the era’s iconic style were among re-discovered assets and openings were created to establish connections between indoor and outdoor spaces. Painting in shades of white and light gray and lighting were used to subtly accentuate the distinctive volumes of the residence. The tropical and organic shapes of the living room evoke a sensuous Brazilian style, which is the country of origin of its owner.

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Status: Built
Location: Miami Beach, FL, US
Firm Role: Interior Design, Landscape, Furniture Design, Architecture.