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North Bay Road I

Originally built in the 1920s and subsequently reconstructed as a complex family compound, this Mediterranean style home had lost its interior integrity and functionality as well as its connection to one of the most extraordinary views available from Miami Beach. Its re-creation as a place that would evoke the welcoming and playful atmosphere of Miami Beach began with a complete interior reconstruction. Unnecessary walls were removed, and windows and doors were enlarged to allow for maximum natural light and visual cross-ventilation. Corridors connecting all living and sleeping areas were established, creating a natural flow of energy throughout the residence. Heavily canopied trees in both the front and back yards were removed and replaced with native Palm trees whose tall slender trunks do not obstruct the property’s open views across Biscayne Bay.

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Status: Built
Location: Miami Beach, FL, US
Firm Role: Interior Design, Landscape, Furniture Design, Architecture.