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Optical Tables

Optical tables, which Pons designed in collaboration with celebrated photographer Paul Clemence, is part of the “Framed” series of furniture collections. Delving conceptually into ideas about perception and wholeness, each piece in the Optical collection is a triangular table that juxtaposes mirrored surfaces with surfaces imprinted with photographs of buildings by Clemence’s. When the viewer looks at the table’s interior surfaces as a whole, the image of the building becomes whole.

The design of the pieces is an analogy for the place between the two planes of life – yesterday and tomorrow – where infinity and wholeness exist. The printed panel and the mirrored surface of the interior of each piece represent the forces that pull us in opposite directions: right and wrong, good and bad, day and night, man and woman. But when they are brought together and observed as a whole, they become a single gesture of completion, integration and resolution.

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Status: Built
Location: Miami, FL, US
Firm Role: Furniture Design