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Le Guanahani Hotel - Saint Barthélemy

Designer Luis Pons creates unique and immersive lifestyle experiences that sophisticated travelers crave and luxury hoteliers leverage to differentiate themselves within the highly competitive hospitality industry. 

Pons’ latest project is the renovation of Le Guanahani, a boutique hotel on the exclusive island of St. Barth’s. The renovation showcases the authentic character of island as well as the existing beauty of the hotel’s cottages. The architectural intervention reclaimed the cottages’ cathedral ceilings for the bedroom and living areas, and relocated bathroom and storage areas to an adjacent volume. A typology study took place to use references that were translated to bring an interpretation of the Caribbean style.

Pons’ firm, Luis Pons Design Lab, was commissioned for all aspects of the renovation, including architecture, interiors, furniture and accessory, landscaping, and graphic identity. His inspirations for the Le Guanahani brand were the iconic Panama hat, campaign furniture, and the colonial Caribbean style. The integration of form and function, lightness, craftsmanship, and versatility represents sophistication and beauty in design. 

Every element used in the renovation was part of a design system that allows the hotel flexibility in use and implementation. Furniture, accessories, and amenities are all conceived as families of products that reflect the brand identity and enhance the guest experience. 

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Status: Built
Location: Saint Barthélemy, FR
Firm Role: Interior Design, Landscape, Furniture Design, Architecture.
Additional Credits: Stephan Göttlicher (Photographer)