GROUNDWORK Architects + Associates Ltd.

GROUNDWORK Architects + Associates Ltd.

Hong Kong, HK | 深圳市 福田


Shenzhen Road King Exhibition Booth

Groundwork was invited to design the Road King pavilion, a Hong Kong developer who first made their fortune by building roads in mainland China since the 1990s. The exhibition space was in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, at September 2018.

Our choice to build a space with functioning 4XD toy car tracks was heavily inspired by the company’s slogan “The Endless Road”, which has inspired us to define the space with mini racecar tracks that children and hobbyist play with. The winding “roads” that defines the space became a symbol of nostalgia, reminding us of our childhood, whilst embodying the spirit of Road King’s motto.

Using mini roads to define space, the pavilion is not only a striking visual icon within the exhibition hall, it is also a portal for guests to connect. An inside lounge area and free bar service invites guests to stop by, mingle, and play with the 4XD cars!

Within this gateway, we wish that our guests, who are mostly experienced Chinese real estate developers, to connect with their childhood.

The client wish to present a positive image to future patrons

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Status: Built
Location: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre for Road King real estate development
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: ARCHITECT:
Groundwork Architects and Associates
John Chan
Clarissa Chau
CY Lau
Manfred Yuen

Tuozhan Exhibition Ltd. (Shenzhen)

Bao Jing (Instagram: fiona_bao)

Toy as Architecture, Part 1 | Road King Pavilion