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GROUNDWORK Architects + Associates Ltd.

Hong Kong, HK | 深圳市 福田


Art Basel 2016 Crowdfunding + Videotage Pavilion

An Introduction


We are extremely happy and honoured to be designing the Crowd Funding booth for two pioneers of the art field: Art Basel(Switzerland) and Videotage(Hong Kong). The booth will be located on the 3F of the Art Basel Art Fair at the Hong Kong Convention Centre, Wanchai, from 22-26th March 2016. The booth will be showing casing video art works from 7 video art institutions in Europe and Videotage. It will also be housing the round-table discussions for the Art Basel Crowd Funding initiatives.


The Design


We wish to create a non-static booth. The booth can be construed as the simple interplay of two tectonic elements: the “frame” and the “cubes”. The “cubes” houses the video art pieces and they are clad with mirrored plastic: thus they are effectively formless as they will be reflecting the scenes around them. The “frame” is capturing these videos like a spider web, symbolizing the non static nature of video arts.


Although the project is relatively smaller compare with the other projects that we have experienced, the design and planning process required tremendous efforts and dedication from all parties. All of our design reviews were conducted through Skype and real-time 3D modelling: a very interesting part of  our design process: using video call to be creating a space for video art.


Groundwork Communication 2016



3F, Hong Kong Convention Centre, Wanchai. 22-26th  March 2016



Art Basel/Videotage



Manfred Yuen

CY Lau

Raymond Chan(Crevice)






Raymond Chan


Completed March 2016

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Status: Built
Location: 3F, Hong Kong Convention Centre, Wanchai. 22-26th March 2016
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: CONTRACTOR