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GROUNDWORK Architects + Associates Ltd.

Hong Kong, HK | 深圳市 福田


Pavilion of Reflections_HK Pavilion

Pavilion of Reflections

11 years on the unification with our motherland, Hong Kong has maintained its unique position geographically, politically and financially since new China was founded. Here we metaphorically portray Hong Kong’s relationship to China as the window to a room, a vista to see through and communicate; a surface that reflects to observe and evaluate. This analogy accentuates Hong Kong’s neutralistic character on domestic and international platform.

Design intent

The HK pavilion is a formless piece of architecture, its transparent facade allows exposure of internal structure; its reflective facing reflects external environment and activities, thus animates and harmonise its surroundings. Once enters into the pavilion, its internal structure creates tapered vistas for views and circulation, one end in particular directs spectators to the China pavilion in a restrained frame.

The holistic design approach of the HK pavilion not only provides exhibition space for HK practitioners, its compelling architectural gesture offers contrasting responds to its external environment from the moment spectators enter into the pavilion, formulating a unique experience that coincides with HK’s reputation as a world class centre.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Shanghai, China